BBBouquet is getting an update in September – you can now adopt a glyph.

We want BBBouquet to become bigger and stronger by not only polishing it but by adding punctuation and symbols plus expanding language support. On this occasion you’ve got the opportunity to have a say and tell us which glyphs you definitely want to see in the update. You can adopt a glyph of BBBouquet.

Adopting a glyph means we make sure that the update contains your letter or symbol or emoji or whatever in all 4 styles of BBBouquet. Everyone will then get to use your glyph in all future versions of the font, this way your generosity is for the benefit of all.
You’ll also be registered in our adoption list among all other parents of a happy glyph. The adoption list will be delivered with every copy of BBBouquet and future versions. We’ll never separate a glyph from its parent!

Adoption usually comes with a lot of bureaucracy, so we tried to keep the paperwork as low as possible. All you have to do is to paypal us the small adoption fee of €10 and to tell us your name and of course your favorite glyph. If that glyph is already adopted by someone else we’d ask you to choose another one.